About the artist


Hi, I am Miranda, thank you for visiting my website! Everyday I see possible paintings around me. I cannot look at a sky of clouds without the strong urge to paint it. I frantically try to get the exact colors and shapes of the clouds in my head. I annoyingly point out every, in my eyes, beautiful scene to the people I am with.


I have not always been like this. Always drew horses though, and in 6th grade, one wall of the classroom was covered in my drawings.

For my husbands job, I lived in several countries. We started in Sakhalin, Russia, in 2001 and from there we moved to Oman, where my 3 girls were born, then Qatar and finally to Houston in the US. We are back to base since 2015. My home is now in the Hague, the Netherlands.


So, from 2001 onwards, after my first oilpainting lesson of a Russian artacademy teacher, I never stopped painting. I finished an illustrator course, followed workshops and masterclasses here and there and dove into instructional books and magazines. I think everybody can learn to paint. Just paint what you see, not what you think it should be, put the painting upside down once in a while, do not be afraid, don't overthink and get inspired by all the beautiful artwork on the internet en museums. I particularly get inspired by the plein air paintings, I love the looseness and the bold brushstrokes. Nice and free, not too neat.


A few years later I said to a friend: "My dream is to have my own exhibition some day". She said: "Why don't you?". Ofcourse, why didn't I. Past the fear of showing my paintings to others and open up to criticism, I held my first big exhibition and it almost sold out on the opening night. That was a huge push in the right direction.

Since then I have been painting in every spare hour I have and I opened my own etsy shop. I paint plein air and in my studio. If I can't paint, it feels like a missed opportunity.


My most recent work I post in my etsy shop and on dailypaintworks first. You can find the links below.

You can follow me on Instagram @mirandadalessi



painting plein air at the beach in Katwijk
painting plein air at the beach in Katwijk



"Coffee at the Damrak"

oil on canvas

8x8 inch

Prize winning painting at Pintar Rapido 2016


Newspaperarticle of my first exhibition, Muscat, Oman.